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6 reasons why brands love Snapchat

Snapchat is the brainchild of three Stanford students, who initially wanted to call the platform ‘Picaboo’ to stress on its USP of  explicitly short-lived pictures.




Snapchat has now established itself as a goldmine for brands and it also has the numbers to prove it. The pictures disappearing after a few seconds create a sense of urgency among the users, which is exactly what the businesses are trying to tap into.It has surpassed Twitter in terms of daily usage and has overtaken Instagram among teenagers. Businesses are trying to catch them young because today’s Snapchat user is tomorrow’s customer. 16 heads of state or government offices are already using this tool to engage with the young ones. The app’s story function allows  users to create 24-hour stories, wherein one can share snippets from their day with their followers. The story explorer feature allows you to take a deeper look at live events through multiple view points; you can witness Christmas in London,Tomatino festival in Spain or that game-winning boundary hit by Virat Kohli in Lord’s.
If you want your brand to reach the millennials, Snapchat is the place to be!


  1. Filters, filters and some more filtersBranded geofilters are taking advertising to the next level. Brands can create filters for any particular location and make for some very engaging, visually appealing and ‘shareable’ content. Brands use this feature to promote events, announce new product launches and share their company’s culture. Mcdonald’s paid close to a billion dollars to get a nationwide geofilter (see pic). Who would’ve expected a world renowned conglomerate like GE to establish such an effective presence on Snapchat?  They have used the platform to encourage the users interest in science and came up with a filter at train stations and airports. If you were flying home for the holidays, use this filter.
  2. Go behind the scenesUsers love seeing unseen and exclusive content. Who doesn’t want to know what happens  behind the curtains?  Its the ideal platform to create buzz around a new product or idea, which hasn’t even been launched yet! Now that makes for some impressive marketing. Movies have used this concept perfectly, with Bond movie Spectre, chic flick Pitch Perfect or the Oscars!pperfecrspectre
  3.  Offers and promotions
    When was the last time you redeemed offers through emails or text messages? One always has better things to do!  Through Snapchat, brands can send snaps or codes to their followers who can screenshot and avail discounts. The success of such campaigns can also be easily measured through the number of screenshots taken or codes applied. GrubHub executed a scavenger hunt on Snapchat as a part of a five day campaign, where followers shared food selfies or food doodles with the brand.
  4. Influencers
    Snapchat has some really cool, creative, funny and super active users who post snaps about what they eat, what they wear, where they holiday, what kind of music they listen to etc. Despite the

    Miologie’s artwork shared on Snapchat


    Kylie Jenner’s photoshoot for Puma shared on her Snapchat handle


    so amazing quality of Snapchat images, these images surely cast an impression! Celebrities like Kylie Jenner also act as influencers for the brands they endorse. Kylie, the most viewed person on Snapchat, shares snaps and videos of her daily life with subtle references to the cars she owns, the perfume she puts or updates about her clothing and cosmetics collection. The Filmy Owl, a Delhi girl who shares her her doodles on Snapchat also posts snaps about the ‘gifts’ sent to her by various brands.
    Influencers who are well versed with the platform can create brilliant content which can further enhance the brand’s reach and visibility. These modern day celebrities are entertaining and passionate. Some users also associate themselves with social causes and add their personal spin to bring the issue under limelight. Miologie through her artistic expertise and creativity brought awareness to the #BringBackOurChildhood UNICEF campaign.

  5. The Genius of Lens Advertising
    If you see someone with a smartphone in  their hand, primping and posing, they are most likely using the lens feature on Snapchat. Despite the no-so-attractive ROI on ads, lenses are the most intriguing and engaging medium to engage with the customers.Gatorade’s campaign during the Super Bowl launched a lens which enables anyone to get bathed in Gatorade. Tennis star Serena Williams also used the lens and the snaps were viewed more than 100 million times.For the promotion of the latest X-men movie, lenses of 9 characters were released.
  6. Publisher’s goldmine

    Snapchat has fast emerged as a major traffic source for content publishers. Buzzfeed now gets 25% of its traffic from Snapchat’s explore feature. Snapchat in turn provides these publishers with data about who reads their snaps and how long do they read it for. Most traditional publishers are struggling to reach the young an passionate users of Snapchat. Publishers like Cosmopolitan, CNN, Vox etc upload their share of best content in the form of articles, videos, images and listicles. National Geographic shares five snaps daily at 8 AM and share some very interesting content boasting of their strengths in science combined with photography.

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