How Big Data can help in transforming the face of healthcare in India at bigger level

Introduction Healthcare is one such industry which will thrive on innovation to become more affordable and less invasive. Regular technological innovations have transformed the face of different industries and big data analytics in one such development which is changing the face of Healthcare industry. The healthcare industry previously generated data aimed at record keeping, for […]

The future of marketing

The future Internet Of Things is the future of things. IoT (Internet Of Things) is enabling more and more devices and machines to talk to each other using internet. Marketing in the time of IoT (Internet Of Things) will be very different from the traditional. Everything, from watches to product packaging, shipping containers, medicine dispensers […]

Digital Democracy In Fashion

This blog is an attempt to investigate the impact of social media on fashion businesses. A remarkable development has been witnessed in this space in the past decade. Businesses are using social media not only as a promotional tool but also for constant consumer feedback. Fashion industry is one of the businesses where trend moves […]

B2B and B2C Blurring lines

                                        “Blurring of Lines between B2B and B2C” Social media of B2B and B2c is totally altering the approach of doing business, with “social” being the hot topic. Nowadays consumers are adopting a research-and-validate system of […]