Digital Employee Advocacy-The Dark horse of marketing strategy

  Digital Employee Advocacy-The Dark horse of marketing strategy Why look around when you already have it in you? Employees, the best marketing and branding assets any company can have in promoting the organisation with its products and services are often under looked by the organisations in promoting the brands. Employee advocacy, the least explored […]

Project KHUSHI – Strengthening Aanganwadi

BACKGROUND Over the years, I have lived in 9 Indian States and have travelled to several others, experiencing a rich cultural diversity and mindsets. Although the exposure helped me understand differences, it made me discover a shared problem – The lack of equal quality education. This problem is prevalent across the nation, irrespective of caste, […]

How Photography Bloggers Can Earn Using Digital Marketing?

Times have changed from the era when camera was possessed by few and photos taken were limited. Each shot had to be thought after and the printed photos were preserved for generations. Studios were frequented to capture important family events and event photography was merely an act of storing memories than about the lights and […]