“EVERY GOOD CONVERSATION STARTS WITH GOOD LISTENING”.   ‘Sentiment analysis’ is extremely useful in social media monitoring as it allows us to gain an overview of the wider public opinion behind certain topics. Sentiment analysis has a wide variety of applications.   Today the industries are moving towards gaining ‘consumer insights’, hence this tool helps […]

How Content-On-Demand is opening new avenues for Digital Marketing in India?

Imagine you’re stuck in traffic, while traveling via cab/bus, after a tiring day at work, or you’re waiting for your flight which is delayed by an hour, or maybe you’re traveling by road/train and getting bored as hell. In any of the three situations, what are you most likely to do? Chances are you’ll take your smartphone out […]

A Marketing Mind Behind Bollywood Promotions

Bollywood for Indians is ‘Eternal love’, a conditional affection which people have towards movies and their favorite superstars. For everyone alike, Bollywood stands for ‘entertainment’ – a world of fascination, an alternate world, which people can experience on a 70mm screen and enjoy with their near and dear ones. Little do they know about the […]

Deadpool. 764 Millions & Digital Marketing

In 2016, Century Fox released Deadpool and Marvel’s foulmouthed fourth-wall breaking anti-hero became a phenomenon. The movie grossed $ 764 Million and is now the most successful R-rated movie of all times. Deadpool is not your run-of-the-mill superhero lore. It is crass, irreverent and breaks every possible convention of superhero-genre movies. It has carved a […]