How Red Bull Spreads its Wings Digitally!

Red Bull is an Austrian company which sells Energy Drinks since 1987. Currently Red Bull has its wings spread across 167 countries across the globe selling close to 6 billion cans yearly. What is unique about Red Bull is that it sells adventure, thrill, extreme sports & by chance happens to sell energy drinks as well. And the way it used various social media platforms to build its brand equity is phenomenal.



And clearly its digital strategy is working, with over 47 million likes on Facebook, 7.5 Million followers on Instagram, 6 million YouTube subscribers, 2.15 Million followers on twitter. Red Bull is doing an outstanding job digitally.

Red Bull knows What to use When!

In my digital marketing course lecture 4, I was told that each platform is different. And the people who visit these platforms are also different. But more than me Red Bull knows this better and has a strategy in place for each of these platforms.

As a digital marketer you should know whom, what, when & how to target your audience. Red Bull specifically knows this and has been using it quite efficiently. And the key to digital marketing is never leave your audience, always be engaging. Red Bull ensures that it is in constant touch with its audience by regularly updating all its social media platforms.

The company does not want to sell its energy drinks online, it wants to share extreme sports, adventure. Red Bull knows that as a viewer nobody surfs on internet to see people sell stuff. They go on the internet for information or leisure. And Red Bull gives exactly that. It shares excellent visuals, graphics, sports which people really like watching. How many times have you seen a Red Bull video and stopped watching it mid-way? This is what is called “content marketing.” Red Bull has a fair idea of what people want to watch & keeps sharing.


(This was something really fascinating, as I started writing this piece I saw a post from Red Bull & I have just reached at the middle of my Blog & it has more than 110,000 views.)

Now, when we look at the above post I can nowhere see a company selling an energy drink. They have very relevant #’s. The kind of engagement Red Bull has is just amazing. This is because it just shares what people want to see. And I feel this mantra for Red Bull has worked amazingly well. And when Red Bull does engagement through events it has broken all records & is considered to be one of the most successful campaigns of all time.

Red Bull sponsored an event to Felix Baumgartener who jumped from the highest point (stratosphere) to break the world record.

Not only this. Post the event there was a lot of questions regarding how Felix did this. Also, there were a lot of people who were curious to know more about Felix. Red Bull did just the right thing & acted as a mediator between public and Felix. Communication at a personal level always works for any company around the world be it big or small. The company launched “#askFelix” campaign to get more engagement from the viewers.

Facebook as a platform

Red Bull taught me to share visuals and images that are appealing and have a lasting effect on the viewers. This strategy of selling content more than the product has worked wonderfully for Red Bull. The underlying truth that Red Bull works on is that people find adventure sports extremely fascinating & visually it has the highest appeal. Who wouldn’t want to have a look at such extravagant images? “A person looks at others when he wishes to do something but if he can’t he admires watching others doing what he really wishes to do.”

Red Bull assured viewers that it is going to share the most amazing pictures to get attention of the people & not only that to keep their attention intact.

Twitter as a platform

 Red Bull knows what are people doing on this platform. The mood the mind set and even things they observe & the mentality too is completely different when they switch to twitter and that is why it uses this platform to share content that is informative and which enlightens the users with some kind of knowledge and it helps Red Bull to get the right kind of viewership and when it feels like that it has something really important to be shared to its viewers it redirects its viewers to its website to change the mindset and also at the same time the message is sent is also ensured.

Other Platforms

Red Bull has made sure that it has at least one account in other social media platforms. Red Bull adopts the strategy of being visible on all the social media platforms that are currently available. Pinterest & Google Plus are other social media platforms where Red Bull has its presence, however this may not be very active but is still better than other companies. To have a presence in all these platforms itself is a big achievement.


Red Bull is doing a fantastic job with its Digital Marketing strategy and the key is that it has different content for different platforms, because people who use Facebook have a different mindset while they are using Facebook & twitter. Red Bull ensures that they capitalize on this fact and have different content for all the media. This is one company that has built its brand equity majorly through digital media and has done a fantastic job. The company teaches us a lot of digital marketing tools & techniques which could be adopted by us.

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