Land Rover Video Comments for Sentiment Analysis

So much the risk of destroying such an old monument for car advertising… If this car rolled down the destruction of the stairs would be catastrophic.
That should be the reason to think about buying this car. No respect for culture. You could do this ad in equally difficult conditions elsewhere.
der Hammer ! …sagt Düsseldorf Fotograf,  Robert Freund.
The soundtrack is giving me chills.
no its 998 steps u missed the last one ..😂😂
Excellent but one question though.
Why does he drive up there so fast on steps? Is it because a timing challenge or it’s not capable if driven slow?
real off road vehicle 😎
Be nice to see the FULL footage … 🙄
Imagine the car moving a little bit and then rolling back down on it’s own while the driver is in the middle of his speech.
Korres did it 4 years before “big” Land Rover spending his own resources. 193 ferocious steps, up and down without being tied down !
You should really make a documentary out of this. I have watched the whole playlist and I really want to know even more details of this challenge. Like how did you got the car back to the base.
Very nice  land rover discovery
Commendable ! No one can match Landrover Group
My heart was beating for him
you can see how it back down at the video after 3 minutes
3:59 ‘if he crashes he will die’ talking as if the rover had no safety features at all.
Powerful indian car
What were the cables under the vehicle used for?
I must buy this !!!
Yeah cos I’m gonna be driving up flights of stairs with my brand new Range Rover sport
is this really the hybrid version ?
Super car fantatick
Tata product
Very cool
English engineering 😀
That Chinese singer is cute and funny. 😂
I got one
My question is, how did then bring down the car after that as the descent will be much more challenging.
He didnt make the final turn and go up the rest of the steps. So he did not  make it all the way up! Also, why are there tire tracks already at the top right before he finishes?
Best car i ever drive !
Woooow…. im really so impressed. I loved it.
Best car on Earth , Range rover. I ll buy it for my familly un France
Oh wow
Hey land rover
How did you bring the car back down to the starting point?
What the hell wrong with these Chinese people that built this staircase. It’s a great achievement but to stop at 999 steps one step from 1000. Aaaargh that’s so annoying. Just knowing that this is out makes me shudder.
One of the few car commercials I can actually stand cause it has actual merit and you used a real challenge to prove the quality of the car. It’s quite impressive.

And it actually does it’s job of making this car a very likely option for me if/when I ever do get a car.

Oh my god..
I’m an atheist but if there was a portal in a universe I think heavens gate would be it
Wow it’s really amazing!!!
Almost made it. Got stuck on the last step.
How old are those stairs? Why risk damaging them?
Wow !!!
This is a real-life illustration of the kundalini dragon rising up the staircase of the spine, reaching the pineal gland (heaven’s gate). For those familiar with esoterics, Im sure you know what Im talking about. Very awesome! It reminds me of the challenge we face in driving the vehicle of our consciousness up from lower awareness to higher awareness (from base of spine to the pineal), and the great payoff in the end!
Foi uma proeza muito perigosa
One more step n ………… Anyway, what a good car n driver too.
I hope the rock Ho-Pin Tung dropped at the 0:25 mark did not fall on someone.
At what speed was Mr. Tung driving the 7-mile mountainside road? (The camera cuts and sound effects gave the impression he was driving recklessly to impress the viewer.) Did he take a practice drive before filming?
By the way, I am impressed by the cinematography.
I buying this 😃😂
Anyone else see the back tire never makes it onto the platform on the top? 05:34
no stairs were hurt during this advertisement?
the best challenge I have see ever crazy
I want to take up this challange too!!
La puissance💪👌👍
OMG so awesome! It’s incredible
Awsome stunt by courageous driver
Esa cara q pone el chino!!! Cara de coju….!!
I want to see it going down also.. so I’ll think to buy one
No!!! The lucky ribbons didn’t get you up there, the Range Rover got you up there. Getting to the top of those stairs wasn’t luck  it was incredible engineering.
What do you mean there’s no were to plug it in. How I am supposed to get down.🤣
kill my heart😘😘😍🎉🎉🎉
I need this one xddd
Anyone know who the artist painting the road is?
Good thing you didn’t destroy anything with this lame stunt..
Okay, anyone having the video of the car descending those steps back?
Brilliant! But why did you use two couple of cables (front and rear of the vehicle) in the second part of the stairs? Just for safety reasons?
5:33 He didn’t make it all the way to the top! Why? I can’t stand watching this commercial because it looks like a big failure right at the end and yet he is celebrating.
Damn! That is impressive. I am impressed.
So fake. I dont see it climbs to the end. No continous shot proving it climbs from middle to the end. Nice try.
why so many dislikes?
I just wanna know how you bring the car down ?
Where it is
Woooowwww! What an amazing performance, awesome car, great video!!!!! Got a lot more appreciation for Range Rover now. Damn!!! 😎😆
my hand wet !! :v omg !!!
Awesome! Well-done! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
So what happened to the car after tge challenge?Is it sitting in a museum or was it sold to a private buyer in china?
modifichi la macchina la fai diventare più leggera e con un motore potente che riesca ad salire ad una rapidità di salita.  Fai prima dei test.  #BetterWorldToghether #peaceANDlove
Crazy but AWESOME 😲😁🤓
What’s the name of this professional driver?
This is one of the best ads ive ever seen. Filmed to perfection to show off the stunning beauty of the  scenery. Well done creators, one of the few adverts that i actually took the time to watch. Now if only i had the required funds to get that awesome car I’d be sorted!!!
This so fake you can easily see the pair of cables pulling up
No one thought it could damage historically valuable steps maybe?
If this car is so great how is it that the cables (2 of them) are visible PULLING THE CAR TO THE TOP. It’s called CGI and it is used (or should have been used) to erase the cables. Even at the climax of the commercial the cables are visible when the car doesn’t quite get to the top but instead stops short, getting hung-up on the top step. Then the cables are gone when they zoom out. All the effort that must have gone into this clip and a silly detail left unattended.
As a Chinese people, I am impressed by you, Land Rover!
Do you like China?
I have 2 of them and even velar
Oy…I won’t be surprised if those 999 steps are part of a “protected site” the UN will never bother to protect. Although seriously, this is quite a test for a vehicle challenge! I was almost expecting those risky drifting along those turns. Phenomenal job! Now lets see if there’s a all electric version of this vehicle.
One of the most majestic videos out there. From the car to the scenery, everything is top notch!
Awesome job
My favorite video. I loved it all. And coming to this website, I also love how Land Rover answered everyone’s questions. Good job Land Rover. Oh and by the way… WOW
What are the ropes for under the car?
Backing down I take it!
I really want to see them drive down the steps.
That ending always makes me cringe for the poor undercarriage that was just murdered
Is this vehicle good for a tall family ? Leg room in general?
I would like this mountain to be on the first stage of the next Tour De France.
Cool…. Who drives it down?
Cool, buy one and try it by yourself
Great challenge Boys, that was bad ass 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Okay, now I want one of those.
This not good one though cause the stairs they built would be broken earlier than it was. Good engine but destroyed environment.
🚙Land rover are valuable and strong and best in class storage and safety best product👍
😮 And now I want one ☝️ Well played Land Rover, well played
I just came from my local dealer
Why there are steel cabels under the car?????
Amazing… 2nd greatest car ad after Tesla Roadster…
I’m sure my P38 can do that…@landrover
Who composed this perfect score for this AD? The Tension it creates, just perfect.
That last bit ? Back wheels didn’t pass the top. Why go all that way . Pity…Ps the only other vehicle commercial that had this kind of skill was the Volvo add with Jean-Claude van damme doing a stunt splits between the two lorry’s  reversing
That was awesome but why did I hear motor noises when it was driving up the steps? Isn’t it electric?
i wondering how that car can get back down without a helicopter help??
Can anybody borrow me money to buy this car? I will be back with payment as soon as posible. I prommise!
Y esos cables que van pegados a las escaleras para qué son? El coche es una pasada, pero la prueba creo que lleva truco.
Very impressive. How do the safety lines work? Or are they to aid the car back down?
So are the 2 wires that the rover runs over up the stairs some form of safety harness?  Cool, none the less!
I have a Freelander 1, thats 16 years old. Best car ive ever owned. We were snowed in here in Scotland (Government issued a Red Warning) not to go out in the snow. My freelander never once let me down. Range Rovers are the best cars in the world, as this video shows again.
I can only dream of owing this … But it’s nice to have a dream !!!
Just my 2cents, it is weird that it has no Chinese subtitle, I am sure that you are doing this for the China market.

The driver is such a good actor, I believe he was very happy that he didn’t get kill lol

А потом он простоял на СТО два месяца ))))
Range Rover has been stepping there game up lately. If you can do this well. I would like to see a super car 👀
Absolute monster!
Ok. then, let’s go down again….
First time I thoroughly enjoyed a car commercial. Amazing cinematogephy, site, and that red color really contrasts so well with the environment. Good job Land Rover. Now I want one 😂
That commercial is awesome. I want a Range now. But how did they get it down?
That is why we try to save some money !!
That’s amazing. Now can someone give me 999 $100 dollar bills so I can buy this thing!
Для тех кто не заметил трос 5:31
I will do this very easily 🤛
Best getaway vehicle for action movies
Alguém brasileiro aí? 🙂
My dream car but I not afford ☹️
It’s a Land rover…. Belive that 👑👑
Incredible power
Absolutely breathtaking! It’s not blowing my mind, it’s blasting my mind!
Sensacional !!!!!! it back can??
My dream car .. always on my desktop wallpaper
in future i will buy RANGE ROVER ONLY …
Nie barkie
A bit steeper but much less snow than in that spot from 1986 😉

But kudos, a great spot and honouring the Chinese people who work to maintain this treasure.
I promise to myself that one day,I will buy a car from land rover!
How did they get it down?
Bieeeeeeennnnnnn me gusta esooo 100% range rover
I wonder how the shocks held up, and what shocks are used.  I know many LR’s use an air suspension, not sure on this model.  Either way, quite impressive, makes me wish I could take my Dodge Powerwagon to China to do the same thing.
Well done Range Rover… But even more!!! Kudos to the DRIVER… You got to have really big brass balls to do this!!
The brains behind the ad…👍
My favourite car
0:17 sounds like one of those Roblox games.
Best is always Best.
Loving the new Fast and Furious trailer!!! 😁😁
So what’s the point of this CGI nonsense? Anybody can just show up here with a Land Rover and drive up and down these stairs. You should try it 😃😁😃😄
ok I really do want one
And once again Land Rover proves why it is one of the most desirable marques in the UK with their well-engineered automobiles!
How about the range rover vogue….
What are those 2 cables at 5:02 ? Looks like 2 cables close together on the brick going up……. Are they for safety?  In case he starts falling back down?
Am I the only one wondering how the hell they are going to get down haha
å¼ ……张家界?
How is it electric and has a petrol engine sound
They should try Taxco, Guerrero, México, that’s a challenge.
I got Goosebumps…… , No word to express
completely Nailed it !!!!!!!
Btw how did he drive back down
Hill climb racing to the extreme 😂😂
Super man 🏎
I never knew it was electric stuiped me :O
Dope car
deja vu all the wayyyy
At least edit out the black cable lining up the stairs lol 😂
Nice video. I was at this location a few months ago. It really is beautiful. Especially going further up the mountain and walking along the (glass) walkways at the side of the cliffs.. Amazing experience.
He crashed near the top, didn’t make it to the very top. Nice try though.
it’s not fake, see this link
wht a great car
El mejor campero.
Just got my LX570 this week now i so regret it
Not big fan of the brand… but hugely impressed!!! Well done!
And Land Rover stands there on the top forever 😀
Crazy road, gorgeous car and brilliant performance! I wonder how they bring the car down after climbing the 999 steps.
Even my Land Rover Freelander 2 could do the same, with the same modifications (reinforced tyres)
I would never allow any car to drive up those steps…those steps are for the weight of  human,not for car..very respectful to those who build it.
but why we can see two lines on stairs? is something dragging car? strange
Great job. But infect beautiful scene China has…
Beautiful place….with red beauty…
Nice, but incomplete. Show how the vehicle got down?
Incredible machine
Как АКАДЕМЕГ с бруствером :))))
Really commendable. But how did they get it back down?
Why buy any other vehicle? This is the ultimate definition of a car 🔥🔥🔥
I have to say this commercial is a masterpiece, however for the car, while it handles Tianmen mountain well, it certainly can’t tackle Albeit bridge in London with ease.
А тросики под машиной зачем?))) Нива рулит
How did they get the Car down to ground then?
I don’t believe that but now it’s make me surprise
shut up and take my money!
You got 998 steps
this the reason I love Range Rover car
He missed one step. 😂
easy.any suv with turbocharge can do the same
They are cheating on the name of Land Rover…..there were double lines which were holding the range rover from falling back….
No no no,they didn’t just climb up once but they reached the top 3 times
Now do backwards!
That is one of the most satisfying vehicle promotion videos I have dver seen
My dreem car
It’s been a while since the last time I was wowed by Ken block’s gymkhana drifting… This is Wow!
Which place is this? Country? Normal people can drive here?.. Awesome stunt and car.. Big fan
Stairs? Where we’re going we don’t need 😎…stairs.
I bet Tesla can’t do it.
Its Indian company!!
Land Rover is the best when it comes to marketing their SUVs!!!   This is how you market a SUV
beautyfull amezing china…
Wow, almost made it, he stopped with the rear wheels having just a foot or so left. Awesome effort nonetheless and definitely worth the fist pumps.
And Jeep thinks they can beat that…
It’s unbelievable…..I’m stunned Gd work
Woow i can’t believe  😍superb land rover
I’m just left wondering how they got it back down. If driving up was scary….
They should do the dragon challenge in the snow, it would be even more impressive.
Im assuming the cables under the car we’re in a just in case safety feature?
kinda look like special effects
If they can make an all electric version of this EXACT design then I will buy it.
I was watching Heaven’s gate all the while.. Sorry Land  Rover!! You did well too 😁
heaven gate is the test drive for this Masterpiece Machine.
encountered are made to be taken . Best Luxury Suv In the world Land Rover Ready to undertake all.
Sooooo…. who drove it down ?
For all you dumb fucks on the comment section, both cars are marques manufactured by the tata group’s jaguar land rover group. Land rovers are utilitarian SUVs, whereas range rovers are targeted more toward the ‘premium’ segment.
watched about 10 times unbelievable
omg marry me
uhhhhhh, what next? Driving up to space?
Please make the same test with the discovery 5.
Sorry, stupid question. How do you get down?
Uff…it’s really really amazing.. nothing more to say…it’s a WOW ride…
range rover the best carmaker in terms of quality 👌
It is a fake. There are many footages recorded by observers/locals where you can see tow rope, e.g.

…and all these people telling about consequences…

now drive down
Feeling Proud
Booking confirmed
Takes a real pair to do that….
Great, now bring it back down
There’s no way a car did that without breaking any suspension components in between the stairs or ripping off some bumpers or any damage to the car at the end of the video this is so fake
Great driving. Congratulations
“If he crashes he will die.” Well that’s not saying much for land rover’s safety then now is it?
That’s madness
Safety Line, Really? Smh
great no words
Perfect for my house, at the 8th floor
This really should have been filmed in 4k HDR. Would’ve been gorgeous
The major challenge in here looks like the steps. Other 99 turns and all , just any good driver can do.
and the plug in hybrid part is relevant because ?
This thing made a world record , it’s a beast
How the fuck is it coming down back on reverse??
wholly fxxxxxxxxx
The question is, how are they getting the car down?
Totally epic vid
That’s the reason why i love RANGE ROVER and buy Rangrover Sport Hybrid.
Its abhorrent to see them drive over a land mark like that. Why China gave them the rights to do such an insulting thing is beyond me. Its absolutely an insult!
the car have flly lattex tires, very soft texture and very big andurance
Mindblowing! The footage of the steep climb is perfectly composed!
Хорошо что Академика не позвали снимать.
Hei i have one doubt…, then how did you take that car down🤔🤔 .is that easy?
99 turns and 999 steps… Can’t u guys round off and just say 100 turns & 1000 steps!!! That 99 and 999 numbers giving me a feeling of being uncomfortable and unpleasant !!!
I drove to Italy and back from the uk, in a Range Rover Sport with the active suspension pack. ( so this means it had ARC, which uses hydraulically driven roll bars etc)
It was absolutely a quantum leap better than I could ever have expected! The more corners, the better it liked it.
how they going to get it back down?
Yeah Land Rover a Tata product
Safety lines do not aid performance ….. 😁😁😁
This is,Something marvelous i have seen till now.*_*
Excellent. But rear wheel got stuck at last stair.
A serious question Who drove it Down ?
I want to buy now ….
xe này có đi xuống không vậy
this is real car
creating legacies as being a lengend for the heartbeaters who loves dream driving ……..!
And… How did they drive it down? Would be interesting to know…
Dream Car,.
Awesome, but i cant stop to think about how the car is going down again LOL, maybe a helicopter carry it. It would happen a real accidente if the pilot tried to go dowm in the car himself.
Quero ver descendo também…
Shut up and take my money! Literally the only car (or RR Velar) I’m willing to buy!
Land Rover should be making vehicles for the military.
This is astonishing.
Too bad it runs on dinosaur juice. Electric is the future âš¡âš¡âš¡
Just awesome
He achieved going up, nice! But what about getting down??
даешь туда ладу веста св кросс!))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
That production quality though🔥🔥🔥
That was Epic, Well Done!
Range Rover Sport – The Build up Challenge

Cool video nontheless tho. Way to make a commercial for your car.

U cant beat LAND ROVER in their own game!
Thank God Hammond didn’t do this!
Awesome, I know mostly engine got lowest performance climb straight up and low air pressure at hilly, likes down torque
And how did they get the car back down again?
Good car, but phenomenal driver!!!
By far the most thrilling challenge of the all 3
good edited
Give me this dragon As a gift I will be happy 😊
You can do it 😇
It’s the dragon Range Rover ❤️
The best driver
what if he brakes in the middle
And that is why the Land Rover is the best off road vehicle in the world, Period.
It extremely omg😍😍😍
Да.Люди и техника.
Asphalt 8😍
Best video of 2018 so far
Very nice car
im surprised the chinese let them roll a car up those steps for a commercial…
Damn! That’s bloody impressive
The power and 4×4 credentials of Land Rover vehicles were never doubted. This stunt strengthens it even further. Hats off to the driver and yes, Range Rover.🙏🙏 My next purchase has to be a Land Rover vehicle
Awesome Land Rover. Well done! Great work!
Did I see Tyre tracks before he started the ascent?
Josssssss banget!!!!! Salam super!!!!!
That was damn awesome….
Very cool. LR and Audi are two brands that always capture my attention with their marketing commercials
…..and now, Camel Trophy will be back soon!!! And then i die with a smile!!!
Wth??? <3
Welcome to China,guys!
Where’s the video of it driving down, also land rover should give the driver that car, after all he drove to heaven with it
@4:17 a little ” cheat ” slope was added to help
great, but can he do that reverse
i want to see the full onboard video
I cant afford one 🙁
Did it get beached at the end?
Ima buy dis car
I want downhill video. Braking is more important than power
Don’t worry about the cables….
Good video great car should of beasted up there in the 5 litre.
Sir Ratan TATA’s Power
Simply Awesome. Phenomenal. Now thats what you expect from a Rangie. The True SUV
Awesome!!!! The cars of my fucking dreams
Outstanding.  Please consider a fully electric RR Sport, the instant torque would make this vehicle even better.
Lmao you see the rope, don’t even think it’s real
Where’s the video of it going down? That would be more challenging.
Fantabulous extremist superbly crafted finest Machine In the world ,,,,,,,

Range Rover ,,,,,

The Sultan of Suv Machines ,,,,

My dream car one day
While JLR have pulled off some interesting stunts in past years, this one filled me with disgust;  how many thousand year old steps were crushed, changed, and damaged  by the 2 tonne machine traveling at this ferocity within a matter of seconds?  After all, driving is banned on the Great Wall.
Пусть теперь спустится на машине по лестнице….
But how did they get down, that’s the question!
это лайк!
I can do that too

in Gta San Andreas

Да я туда на машине жены заеду спокойно. Ишь Ñ‚Ñ‹ китайцы на англичанине ездить научились. Приезжай сюда в сибирь на пару недель… =))) А если на Субяря на своего сяду, вообще задним ходом заехать смогу =))))
“Isn’t this incredible?! It is going to be some kind of record”………. Yes, yes, all very impressive but……  “Everyone loves a slinky! You got to get a slinky! Slinky, slinky…. go Slinky go!”
какая шина использовалась при этом испытании???
Did he drive it back down or freefall crashdummy car ;D
Technology beyond the religious believes!
Nice! What about the rear axle and last step?
Were there no other places in the world to film a car commercial than an ancient (ergo fragile) architectural jewel in the middle of pristine nature? I love 4x4s, but this turns me off immensely…
Excellent video!
benz or nothing ??? haha, LAND ROVER OR NOTHING !!! 😀
No word to describe wht happiness i feel after watching it….. I respect Driver nd Car…..
Best 4x4xFAR
Thanks for sharing this video! cant wait to see more 🙂
that’s range rover for you…
that’s range rover for you…
5:35 hee hee he got stuck
Is that electric car
Real brave heart
But can it climb Mt.Everest?
How are they gonna bring the car back down?
Not all of China is like this, how do I know that? I’m Chinese and I live in China. Anyone else?
I want to see how the car drive down the steps. 🤔
Ok take my money…
Can you do a challenge where you drive a range rover across death valley.. No road all sand?
I wish I waited till 2018 to buy the new Range Rover Sport. Currently, I own a 2016 Range Rover Sport 3.0LR V6 HSE.
Anyway, can someone pls get the Range Rover back to the ground?
He’s not finished yet, Now go back down
In 1976 this has already been done:
this is a very irresponsible act to the historical site
That was so danger.   I am so scared see that road than that stair.
コメント欄が英語ばっかり( ¯•ω•¯ )日本人いますかー
The Range Rover sport is actually my most favorite SUV of all time!
There are more steps to climb 5.42  . why not finish the climb?
Damn.. thats dope😱
4:24 )))) МОЖЕТ ну его нах ))ПОДУМАЛ ОН
What a rush
I think driver just pressed the paddle and the red devil did the rest.

Range Rover.

“I suggest that he drives slowly”, he said.
Wow what a video man, that really seemed impossible, great stuff!
I love you doing something right away from home improvement in the world wide
Muito bom!!
Got to buy one!😍
Coming down is the hardest thing… nanananaanaa
Nossa! Pensei que ia parar. Faltou descer.
Hats off to the British!
And… that has been added to my bucket list of places to visit. How beautiful!
Mto foda
Mas d Range Rover e fácil
Quero v subir la d fusca kkkkk…
its human power and technology..great effoert good one and too god iam fan of this video
unexpected undreamt
Its great to reach at the top but i want to know how he get back with the vehicle?.
“Oh thats deep!”
That’s what she said.
Just out of this world. Simply breathtaking
1 – How do they get the car back down
2- Why does this electric car sound like it has a gas engine?
it’s advertising of Range Rover…
The biggest question remains! How did it go down the stairs. That’s just as difficult.
Video please!
OMG😨😨😨 That’s Unbelievable
This is my dream car, and I pray God to get this asap 🙂
I have never been thoroughly impressed with a TV commercial before.

That changed this morning. I saw a legend made in China.

It’s really great.
Broo it looks sooooooo peaceful away from the noise of the city!!!
I actually cried from the emotional release when he reached the summit. Damn you Land Rover, I will now add a RRS to my RRC stable. Inspiring.
How did they get the car down again?
Now I want to upgrade!! my 7 year old Range Rover sport that was cool 👊🏾
Now they have to get the car down… Another challenge! 😂😂
How did they get the vehicle down?
Range Rover can drive on stairs. But who does that in reality?
Holy!! Every car enthusiast needs to see this @powerdrift!
Ok bring it back down
What a wonderfull place
Best driver of all time
How did they get the car down ?
Great driver great car
Wowww… let me try please
I think dislikes from Lamborghini
But… he missed one step.. The rear wheel was still missing the last step.. Was the car stuck on it’s belly?
How they put that car back down to the ground? Driving down the stair???
I was so amazed
Don’t destroy the heritage
Why did it need safety cables then?
Nice to see those wires there just in case it did go wrong. Don’t want crashing damage to those steps.
It looks like he crashed into tires on the top. On 5:34 car stops quite strange and 5:40 from the top wiev its clearly very close to the roks that are covered with tires for protection. So maybe driver forgot, that on the top he should turn left.
hybrid car..?
Now how about the downhill version?
What tyres did you use? Cause this is crazy and those are the real stars here!
Shame most people use them to pick up the kids from school ! So many people around where I live have these large vehicles and stupid thing is I am the one that ends up in the ditch in my tiny car because they do not want to  get their flipping wheels dirty !!! Crazy world
This thing looks completely stock, the torque in this would be insane and massive grunt from the engine made it possible.  Well done landy
Wouldn’t any SUV or Truck make it up if it had 4×4/AWD and those “Safety Lines”?
Beautiful place and amazing car 🙂
5:31 you can see couple of tyre marks. Which means because of Adrenaline rush two previous drivers forgot to put car in handbrake after reaching there.
this is CJ taking shortcuts
is that a SVR ?
¡Simplemente espectacular!… La quiero :3
remove the air from tires to improve friction. That’s how they did it.
Good job land rover and good job stunt driver
Y como la bajaron de allá?
@Land Rover are the Tires Wrangler Duratracs on 19”? If not, what are they?
Its so steep that when you look up it it looks like youre looking down
I wonder how he will get the car down from there
This is really? Haha
yo land rover can you post a video of him driving that awesome road?
Beautifull China 😍😍
Finally no more weird/dad-humor family car ads related to star wars, etc.
A truly amazing feat. I love Land Rovers and this feat did not surprise me. An exceptionally capable  vehicle and a skillful driver. Well done. Greetings from Sri Lanka.
sooner or later we’re going to start driving up walls
Can’t believe Chinese government allowed this to be filmed. Wonder how much damage would have been done to the stairs. I don’t see similar arrangement would be allowed in a U.S landmark. Sad.
What about the stress to the steps, broken steps by this 2 ton car and rubber all over this beautiful place? I really think this should not be allowed.
Holy shit
I need it to take the kids I don’t have to school.
Wait rill 2020 fast and the furious will do this….. but in a computer……. like all the movies they do
Is it a v8 with hybrid how does it sound so good
But it had wiers atached to it
While doing the turns I noticed there were gutters. I think he should have used the gutters to cut the time and make the turns faster just like people do at Japanese Tōge races. They save like 1 second and saves speed. It also makes turns easier.

I hope there will be a challenge at Mount Haruna it’s quite a famous mountain pass!

what are those wires on the ground for?
One word to describe the driver brave
How did you get it down
i think he didnt make it..he missed to climb the final step….. = D
Now show us they journey back down. That’s way more impressive.
Ok now let’s see how it performs off road
British engineering at its finest 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
they should show how it got back down
O M G . . .
so ~~ does any body know how did it come down?
Now this is how you showcase a car! Great job to the team involved
That is a lies they have the line in the bottom center of the car.
Pensou que eu não ia ver as rampinhas que colocaram pra ele não raspar o para-choque né kkkk
Que Dragão que nada, Jesus Cristo!!
awesome! so…
a lack of respect for one of the wonders of the world 😢😢
Absolutely impressed, definitely I want one for my own. Others take boring car ad’s but Range Rover creates a whole new level of stunts.
Super drive
Now I want exactly the same car
Am I the only one wondering how they are going to get that Land Rover down
Nice car
Am I the only one seeing tether under the car? I mean it’s obviously being pulled up right?
Hats off to the man who drove this vehicle 👌👊
Thats ma carr
how did you get it down again?
Isn’t this place sacred?
Ha debido quedar vuelto mierda la suspensión y rines de esa suv land Rover luego de escalar por esas escaleras
He didn’t!
Still more 5 steps to the end! 🙂
Most certainly the best off-roader in the world.
That range rover is awesome but the driver is more than awesome..
Just amazing!!! … Hats off to the Driver &  Land Rover..
ip var
How did they get the car downstairs, I wanna see that part too.
This is ur next stepúi_Yên_Tử

Mt everest next
Awesome land rover..👌
im just get heart attack & scream even just watching it. And completely feel like “oh wow, it done & safe” when he finish at the top.
one of most great car advertising!!
Ohh my God😱
Its amazing
Did it got stuck at the end? The rear wheel not able to cross
what is the maximum speed range rover attained while climbing up the steps..awesome landrover..great advertisement too jodas se ven los cables y todo
Bulawayo Zimbabwe 14/2/18
This is an awesome performance by an impressive car driven by an excellent driver 👏👏👏👌
I m still speechless and hats off to driver breathtaking
Land Rover CHEATED! There are RAMPS! Look e.g. at 4:09 or 4:17.
This is the best car add I’ve seen…
What the hell kind of add are you going to have to produce for the new defender now!?
How going down?
Holy crap. Very cool video
5:10 I have night mares like this
Any reason to dislike vdo?? It’s awesome…..
How did they bring the car down?  That’s the challenge
Excellent! Wish I could buy one,but it’s out my budget and it’s true.btw that was epic.
Will buy one in the future
Does anyone else see two cable under the car?
Kung fu rover
Next is….. Going DOWN~~~~~~~~~
I want to walk this but I may fail:0
Land Rover products from another dimension and challenges are unique many thanks
I’d like to see how they went back down 🙂
同志们, 评论区的同志们, 看到这么美的风景, 难道你们不想去福蓝旅游的吗?
Holy Moses, i thought he died in the mist.
Nw bring back down n gift to me 😉😉
Oh, I’m just sitting here, admiring the view.
Not trying to be critical or anything…
Why are there 2 ropes in middle?
I wanna see how it got down
very nice so beautiful
Ok. Ok. Ok!
I want to buy one if I got money , turly nice car !
I’m not much of a car person but what is that fuel motor sound in the video if this is electric car?
I drove Mercedes 4×4, BMW X5 4.4l petrol m pack, Toyota LC and LR RR Vogue 5.0l athmospheric engine. Nothing above has smoother ride than the Range Rover . All the models are 2013 and above.
Wow China is absolutely amazing, beautiful and stunning! 😮 Gods art! Great vehicle ad…..maybe I can afford a Land Rover one day I have always wanted one! Great driving stunt guy……😃
I could not breath while watching  this Wow, Good job!
That driver just blew my mind off. That’s literally the most amazing thing I have ever seen… Hats off.. That ride needs courage and guts. Thug life bro..😎

I want one!!!  Not that I’d ever use it for something so terrifying.  But I want it nonetheless.

Now THAT! Ladies and Gentlemen… Is what you call… A BEAST …
Good job Man..
Who’s going to pay for stone stairs damages though?
Just wow
Starts at 4:40
Wow, Hollyshit can sure learn from this. Never enjoyed an ad so much.
My dream is to have a Land Rover Larchmont  a day I will buy one 😎
perfect for this challenge. Sporty enough to get around the corners fast and a great 4 wheel drive system to get up the stairs.
who else at 3:23 , thought there phone went off?
I love this TRUCK !!!
My jaw dropped, like for real. This is amazing stuff….
Are there any differences between Land Rover and Range Rover? Sorry, i am new about car
the driver is true. it scared the shit out of me on the first turns
It is definitely the most great suv in the world, but it aids increasing car price because of making this kind of video.
Breathtaking 😵😵
Um, I think I’ve had nightmares about driving roads like this…but the view kinda sweet tho
I will buy it….just kidding, I’m broke
Nice guy
It’s range Rover sport  😎😎
Wow a car related video trending that isn’t Daddy Demuro
OK, now reverse to the starting point !
Now back down them…
SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s weird because they didn’t use the SVR verison
4:00 Optional off-road tyres
Now drive it back down
Awesome! What tires where fitted for this challenge?
What  with the wire  underneath the range on the steps ma
If anyone wants to trade a mint 2012 chevy sonic for one of these, hmu! 😀
We take hills like that, with loose dirt and  rock, on atvs in West Virginia, with no safety cables underneath to stop us if something goes wrong.
I really hope everyone can see the cables along the steps
Hat kind of damage was left on the stairs and rigging for safety?
Oh now I can park it on my balcony.
Wow sorry Ima just go fucking buy one now…. excuse me
How will they get the car back down
any chance to get the full run?
what about going down…? in reverse…??? xD
What about that 2 ropes?
What are those two cables for under the car at all times? Winch? Lol
Audi Q7 or Range Rover Sport?
Why not complete the challenge ? All that way and you failed to get the back wheels up the last step
😂😂😂 amazing advertising, but they just repeated the first Defender advert at a different venue 😂😂
But it got stuck on the last step…
Incredible …. What a great ad
I got a 2011 RRS two weeks ago and it’s the best SUV I’ve ever owned. I was a Jeep guy until I got a Rover!
Waaaaaooo! Its so incredible challenge,amazing
British engernering
Everything’s perfect!
Just don’t tell me this was “Made in china”..
Are those winch lines ?🙄
Cool. Still can’t afford it.
Dear Land Rover, Just think it fell down & send me the car!
This is the suv of my dreams. We’re hopefully getting one in a few months. 🙂
Best commercial of the year!!Awesome video and location
I want was so badly
That’s the one.
good marketing
And the two cables running under the car up those 999 steps didn’t help him in anyway at all?
Very good car 🚗.πολύ ωραία αμάξι μπράβο τέλεια 👌
Just ordered a ranger rover after watching this thanks. what movie is this by the way?
I’m a Mercedes owner for years…. I think now is the time to move to Land Rover…. well done Land Rover!!!!
That was just scary
The most important question.. How do they moved the vehicle back? Pretty sure he didn’t drove it back 😀
Power of TATA..
Wow, stunning work guys!   The editing, cinematography, the story, the car…. Brilliant video.   Please do more of these!
WOW! My heart is pumping so fast just by seeing him speed up to the top! Imagine what the driver was feeling.
I am buying this car in two months
Now climb the hill in reverse then ill buy one
This video made me to choose LR as my next car. Own u soon.
Ok, I challenge you to gift me one ☝️
Where was the crowd applauding?
It’s fake. take a look at the 2 cables that are in the middle of the stairs
Обман. Два троса по центру лестницы и машины
The real question is how do you get it down??
So how do they get the car back down
world’s best car
Fuck a g wagon this is a beast right here
That was awesome!! Now let’s see chevy, Ford, and the others try.
tyres, pressure ??
This is the video I was waiting for. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Brings in a lot of confidence in buying that car.
But.. Did u guys though about how to bring the car down?
J’en veux une
Man, this is legit badass ! One can easily observe the sheer incline angle each time the cockpit/inner camera’s vid feed is shown #hatTip
Big hart
i want to see it come back down
Gonna save some money for today, will surely buy One one day
Now get it down!
Always wanted a land rover. Just need to save up $. Maybe by 45 I’ll have one 😂
Then…how did he get down?
미칫네 ㅋㅋㅋ 대박
Sooooo… how about coming down? 😂
Wonderful location!
With cables? Thats bs…
Why is there a pair of cables all through the stairway under the car….???.
U know Ranger Rover where I live, there 45° inclination is very common. Come to Our Northeast India and china border u wl find people driving 45° sharp cut mark bad road with mud and pebbles to increase difficulty. Here we drive out wt only 800-1000cc vehicles wt no safety though there is lot of death due to landslide and accident …
Dutch Chinese race driver, awsone!
As far as I’m concerned this gives the Range Rover Sport Plug-In Hybrid an actual Mandate of Heaven.
The beast
I wish I did that on Dragon ridge. That place was terrifying! 😖
Best car advertisement ever!
These stunts are getting daring and cooler. Really enjoyed it. Keep’em coming.
I just want to know in this video that,Does the electric car makes a sound like other fuel engine cars?
帅气。我就是张家界的,很荣幸。awesome.its my hometown,welcome.
its not above &  beyond ..its more above & more beyond : Thumps up
good luck
This is a proper car advertisment. These days you have vague, meaningless clips, relying too much on a soundtrack and special effects as opposed to showing what the car can actually do. People don’t buy cars because you play some terrible popstars song over the footage to further their career, they want to know what the car can do, what it sounds like etc. This is how they should be made. If the car is so amazing as the manufacturer makes out, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to prove it.
How do u get it back down
insanity at it’s best. 😍😍
Well done
That’s the Power of Indian Vehicles….. This is very Proud Movement from India.
I want one
Loved it… Fantabulous 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Those are no steps, they are a succession of curbs.
i can do it with a tata hexa … if tata could provide me the vehicle…
Why can I see a pair of ropes probably pulling the car up at 4:55
scary as hell
Lucky he didn’t do a dragon roll.
Awesome impressive dudeee
good good.
now drive it back down
the question is : is that necessary?
why don’t drive in a dessert or heavy offroad
I hope the challenge doesnt end up deteriorating or damaging the historical location. Looked sick tho
trully power.amazing. like richard hammond ex top gear, he had reach up to the top of a Dam with the Land Rover too.
And then how did he put the car downhill?
Shut up and take my money!!!
I had went to this placw jangachie buetifull place a heaven in earth it was very difficult to walk down the steps  hatss off to that driver
Range rover😍😍
Who takes the rover down the heaven’s gate?
Am i the only one that wanted to see him go back down??
Oh my GOD
One question: How did the car go down the steps?
wow 😮
Glad TATA owns Land Rover now… Innovation….
I just wonder how did you protect the monument stairs like that from any possible damage while literally putting a car running over on it?
Wow… It’s amazing
@2023 I will buy it
Waiting my wife range rover and
My son Harley
My family
My dream
My life achievement
How does he get off?
Nice, now gift me one.
the real badass guy is the guy who will take the car back down the stair..
Wow beautiful nature and holy place n nice stunt all the best  land rover team
Fantastic! I might actually consider ditching my MTB and buying one of these!
what about the downhill run? Should hv done that to prove it’s descend control prowness!  Just awesome the car, driver, the mountains n it’s stairs, Bravo 😉
could u be my valentine…??😂😂
I highly doubt there was any battery power left once he got to the steps.  It also looks like you did exactly what Porsche did with the “new” design.  Took the buttons and made them touch screen….No change in overall design.
I’ll admit, beautiful scenery and fun to watch though.
I would get the velar.  It looks nice and it’s only 50,000$
Ok, thats fine. Who is going to bring it down?
👏👏👏 for whoever chose this location and blessed our eyes. Might not buy the car, but now that place is def on my “to-visit” list.
Hats off to the driver
Not impressed… i am just concern how much damage it does to the stairs
Did you guys drive it back down or …?
Land Rovers climbing steep things = views
wow… i need to come to this mountain!
Why is there a cable at 4:55 ?
I’m so impressed with the Range Rover sports performance. It’s just good looking in every way from it’s color.
I was gonna buy it anyway…. but nice..
You then have to drive it back down, which would be even more terrifying!
Kk. I want to buy one.
This is just half the story, what about the other part of coming down.
Missed the last step = never happened.
But couldn’t reach summit of the Mount Everest last time I tried…
Shut up and take my parent’s money!!
عاللللللللللللللی بوددددددد
tao a ficar malucos
beauty of indian engineering…….

tata land rover…….

F**K, I just bought velar
The driver has some big ass balls… Awesome!
Hats off to the team & the driver.
Wait, so how did the car get off the mointain??🤔
Красивая постанова!!
高兴个啥 欢呼个啥?挑战个啥?先人用了多少汗水,心血、时间留给我们后人的历史建筑,就给你怎么糟蹋?
Now, prove your worth by driving down those steps
Very Good. I would like to see the same Range Rover going down in the same steps
damn cool scary too.
The 99 corners part are the commercial bit, i get it ..performance, handling, safety. etc. etc.. The 999 steps were done, by using quite good offroad tyres. You could see the deep profile even from a single shot. So, i guess any 4×4 vehicle equiped with those, can climb the steps ?? the video is amazing, the activity itself not that impressive 😉
Is this a CGI? You can see wires running the steps, not to say the final shot, doesn’t look real to me.
What a place WOW
I’m amazed LR got permission to violate these old historic steps in China
umm… so how did they bring the car down?
The same posted on 24.10.2017? Postproduction gap, Rover? 🙂 🙂 🙂
Anyone knows what are those two still ropes in the middle? And why are there?
Worlds Best Suv
It’s not possible He using tricks
Johnson, India is beautiful and one of the oldest civilisations like Chinese
Unfortunately, we indians score less on the preservation and that is a fact.
This is the reason I like Range Rover 😊😊😊
Well i said Bravo
Good Tire~
anyone here wondering how to get down the car ???
Can’t believe China agreed to this BS !
Without safety lines ??
insane= land rover
Amazing Land Rover, and amazing China.

One question, how did you manage to get three cars (as You pointed out 3 test runs in total) down safely from the top?

That’s car is beautiful…
Should have a special edition with dragon design on the car!
Nice car I believe this car is suitable for many different land environments
wooow its so amazing to see something like this.
Its performance is mind blowing…especially its shock’s response.
That driver is also have an appreciable talent
U know that someone is going do die trying to top you cause you posted time in the end for this insane challenge…
I hope 🙏
Awesome car
Awesome ad
Awesome place
Pls bring me a landrover and i will do a full review in my channel for free.
I m cry is now but I happy 😮
why does it look like it’s cgi tho?
Amazing amazing Amazing,no words
is it really hard to do?
Congratulations to JLR! Incredible job! But I’d like to know how he managed to come down the stairs.
Great. Now who’s going to bring it down now
Now that’s an ad!
That was damnnn🔥🔥
For off-road I chose only land rover
Awesome 👏👏
Range Rover Sport SALES just skyrocketed.
Just the car i needed. Tired of climbing long stairs
Damn that mountains though
Support from India
a leaked video on the range climbing the stairs was leaked like 1 month ago 😂😂😂
Ohhhh, poor all haters now 😂😂
Impossible is nothing for Land Rover 😎
I wonder how would they get the car down the steps.
How it will get down its not like driving up
I hope this is the new Nuremberg
Whats the name of the man
My heart was beating, I didn’t know why
Limitations are overrided…😮
One of the best ever
The iron rope is easily visible
Super what a beast – still the best car in the world .
let’s ruin a beautiful place for the sake of capitalism. This shit makes me sick! Another car brand to boycott.
Tata motors are awesome…♥
Land Rover are owned by tata motors 😍
It must be in world record now ?? I guess
Both the car and the driver’s limits were tested…legendary!!!
Awesome. I was, I’m & I’ll – always be a Range Rover Fan.
now this is what u call a SUV
Haha fancy. XD
Now that’s how you define SUV!
Imagine,after the car reaches the top and the driver comes out of the car,The car suddenly starts to reverse and fall down.
skip to 4:40 everything else dont matter
now drive it back
Nice promotion.
I love this beast….,
great. to the extent that I do not believe it. wow
Okay just out of curiosity… how was coming down like?
Shut up and take my money !!!
Oh my GOD that was awesome how can there be dislikes……
The question is , you dare to ride it back down…
sp you can visit heaven if you own one of these 🙂
It’s spin chilling riding…
What’s the driver name?
Coolest way to say “Quattro, is for amateurs. That’s how it’s done”
22 mins and 41 secs. Challenge accepted
Thank you Tata for keeping JLR alive.
Does this guy own any chairs at home or he just sits on his massive balls?
Wat a piece of engineering…
This is how advertisements hypnotize us, One good advertisement and we r done
This guys are awesome.but  How they take it down…😂😂
beautiful place just like heaven 🤩
cest un monstre !!!  bye bye quattro !!! 4 motion et x drive !!! range rover number 1 !!! range rover sport is dragon ball z sport
Love China and now Land Rover 😘😘😘
Is this real  ??
Can you appoint me as a Land Rover Driver for achieving the hardest terrains present in this universe

And i doesn’t need any payment for that i will do it for my driving passion, & of-course dream car my Range Rover

What the………? What a power. Amezing. It’s extraordinary.
Question what’s the purpose of those stairs? Who walks that?
Honestly really impressive
fuck i want him as my driver 🤣
I wanna experience that to 👍
sure great car… great technology… but non of that is as important as the Driver’s courage and skills….  amazing feat by the human spirit…
Ok ! I’ll buy it 🙂
piroan kuwi regane om?
Awesome love u land Rover
Take it to Nandi betta tirupati hills, Himalayas
Holy shit , I thought this place only exist in asphalt 8. anyone else?
Love This Car.
The Best SUV Ever Made
That’s why most of the celebrities have a land rover
5:31 стальной трос !!!
i believe.
That’s why my dream SUV
Awesome..mind blowing
Amazing performance and stunt by land Rover sports .can we purchase the hybrid sports model in India ?How much this one costs off road ?
Damn I want to go there now. This place looks beautiful!
But how does one get back down now?
It is an insult to the place the people who built it
All the dislikes from manual shift drivers
machine is awesome but driver is above all
I dont understand the motive of this advertisement.
Why you need to climb stairs using a car? Do anyone can bright me up on this?
What do this prove? Like I don’t need to drive 999 steps to work everyday.
Welcome to Tianmen Mountain stunning view
awesome video and man those stairs are steep. very very steep.
Amazing 😍😫🤤
what’s with the misty fog?
Watch carefully there were cables on the stairs.
Wow!! I’m speechless!! That’s my car
OK. Now lets go Revers !!
Only landrover can do it…..
hats of to the brave driver and the car
Anybody else notice the wire?  Now the question is, did it merely provide a safety net, or did it actually aid in the ascent?
this may destroy the stone steps
Awesome man..dangerous task..
Very well directed
1:35 What’s that ?
What a beautiful sence.
Is this going to be rovers new official commercial video?
in malaysia we have ulu yam and batu caves the most dangerous corner and  steep stair in asia, hopefully land rover can do challenge in batu caves.. i hope land rover can give me chance to drive land rover in batu caves. im professional pizza hut driver always punctual.
Ye to main bhi kar sakta hu
He didn’t make it to the top lol
They are the best off roader ‘ Simple
Awesome car and great work team !!!💐
Nothing is impossible I am possible
Did he also do it in reverse?
Did anybody see the wires? 5:03
Hey I’ve been there!
I hear crowd cheering noises where the crowd?
What is the stunt drivers name?
Off road king
😎range rover
Life threatening but amazing driving skills. You have overcome the deadliest curves and inclinations. Good job!
But why there is a pair of steel wires on the stairs?
Well, I already loved the Range Rover , and it never ceases to impress
Show show show show show show parabéns
Uma máquina linda e eficaz🔪💀🔪💀🔪💀🔪💀👌🔰😎
Awesome, fabulous, unbelievable ,crazy CAR!!!!
That deadpan face tho 3:56
Proudly owned by Indian company TATA.
Very powerful car🤔
Tata Motors of India makes good SUVs  😀
Let us see how it descends please
What is with the 2 wire cables wrapped over the top of the steps @ 5:32?   Believable explanation pls!
We needed some Eurobeat
Where is the part where he goes down the stairs?
nice job land rover!👏
Shoutout to the driver
5:33 Lols
we need a raw, un-edited, one camera angle view of this run!
Time to come down now
Go down please then i will buy one
The locals just sold out a historical site with national significance to land rover to drive on it lol
Awesome, Range Rover is great mountain car. I will still purchase Toyota. Lol
Aj izađi na Rtanj?
What a way to advertise!
China just got stomped by Range Rover.
Chinese person speaking English with a Dutch accent. Hilarious and strange, cool though. His backstory is amazing: His Chinese parents who moved to the Netherlands moved him into the home of a Dutch couple as a toddler to make sure he would be “As Dutch as possible” so that integration into Dutch society would be guaranteed. To this day when he comes back to the Netherlands he still lives with his Foster parents so does his little brother. His Dutch manager saw that he needed to get more exposure for him and used his Chinese roots to appeal to China to launch his career. He was part of the first Chinese team to win a class at the Lemans 24 hours 🙂 So it’s safe to say it worked out.
Technically, he hasn’t finished because the rear wheel is still at the steps 😄
I see ropes
That’s amazing folks. When is the new Defender coming out?
I never even knew a fuccn place like this existed I been  on this planet 24 fucking years
No other SUV can do that except a Range.
ok, but how much for the extra suspension, engine and whatever else upgrades?
Ok! N now how to go down?
I’d give away a kidney to work for Land Rover.
I like to have one….. but is to expensive for me!!😭😭😭
Looks like that have a line attached to it underneath how do we know its not being pulled up like in their practice?
Não fazia isso nem que me pagassem milhões prefiro a minha vida do que papéis !
Okay, i’ve got the point
Next time i go there, i’ll use my rover instead using my legs to steps on those ladders
Wonder how got the government’s approval to do that stunt
Best in the world. Land rover theres simply no substitute
Did he drive against the wall at the top?
And people still continue to buy Ford Explorers because???
The safety cables took the magic away
Are you telling me he was driving without any safety measures? Just if the car like slipped or tilted over he would fall into death?
Driver’s got some balls
Range Rovers are my favorite SUVs together with Audi!
This is an amazing video but i duno who is more crazy, Land Rover or the Driver.
Bit steep saying he will die.
tires model and pressure used please =)
Para los impacientes 4:04 y a disfrutar!
sacrilege and no respect. can’t believe my normally respectful Chinese on cultural sites would let a commercial empty their souls. Fuck you Land Rover.
Awesome! Its actually cloudy at the top.
It’s the Lucky Ribbons apparently not the car that made it possible ..(according to the driver)
But can it do this?
The car climbs becouse of 2 cables that helps the car. The car cant get that traction on stairs and that steep angle! But nice editing.
but there you can see 2 ropes = (
Soon in my garage
Where are the passengers???…  everyone knows Testing will fail if you carry passengers..
Okay but now this company is INDIAN!
The Stig Chinese cousin unmasked. LOL
owow vy awesome land Rover making history
Now we are wait a downhill…
Wow. I love range rover…
ken block this is where the next gymkhana should be
I wanna see what happend when it got to the fog………..
Bring back the good old boxy look of Discovery and resurrect the awesome Defender!
there is a “safety” rope…
Shut up and take my money!
Personally owning a Range Rover Sport HSE with a dynamic pack and a 3.0L V6 supercharged petrol engine I can affirme that Land Rover are the best in the domain of off road AND performance. It is so pleasant to drive through the most curves quickly and feel the grip that this car has
So many hours spent driving around Cali’s sun going way over the speed limit on local roads (shhhh) and just reving its engine up in the early morning waking up the neighbors.
I could talk for hours about my car and how great of a job Land Rover has been doing.
All my respect Land Rover
Is this China ?
Which place is this? Anyone?
Good job plus your car is probably still in warranty, hallelujah I wish if I buy a used one it would be this one.
I’m going to buy it but svr
There are cables pulling the car up!
Looked like the rear tires didn’t quite make it to the top. It’s nit picking, but hey, the top is the top not just short of it.
вспомнил академика на х5м, тоже на горку пытался заехать
Lol hmmm why were there two black cable wires running under the car? Seen on steps ahead and behind car. Wonder if this is thus not another cable run used by land rover copied on top gear … likely car had a safety device using cables and cables were cgi out from helicopter camera (or i need check that angle again) but cables are 100% seen at the end … makes sense as would not want damage the area with car or death ….
I’ve always loved the Range Rover. I hope to buy one some time.
Puh-lease, somebody, hold my martini.
I am beyond impressed… Stick a big pair of ear hugger earphones on and dive in…. The production on this is magnificent… Atmosphere, drama….. What a place “heavens gate”…. Congratulations to the driver and all who had a hand in this beautifully orchestrated piece of emotive Gargantua…. Christopher Nolan would be proud……. 😉😊
Yeah, he’s definitely Dutch🇭🇺🇭🇺
With little air in the tyres anything is possible.
170 dislikes BMW and Mercedes lol
Haha my father has a 2013 evoque the car is still going hard
My God! Allahu akbar!
what ze phuc
Those hills are normal in pittsburgh pa haha
That is one of the best advertisements for land rover ever since the climbing over the dam wall back around the 90s or So if I remember correctly….well done land rover
Okay Jeep boys, it’s your turn.
Stunning scenery. I am more sold on that than this amazing feat! Brilliantly done. But would I subject my new £60,000+ passion vehicle to such brutal treatment? I think not!
Greetings from Birmingham  uk !
I am so proud that this car is made in my home city !
Weldone to all the people in the background who helped in organising this great test for the new Range Rover !!
Who agrees  ??
Ну да, шлем по-любому поможет
This is awesome!
And,I really wonder how they brought the Range Rover back to the town
One of the better video animation i see
Wish to own it one day.
A W E S O M E.  A big Thumbs Up for the Driver and of course for the Land Rover.
Outta my way nature!
Vay be araba değil karınca sanki
Its an absolute madness nd greatness
They’ve put a Tesla in space, this Range Rover Sport is going straight to heaven….what’s next? 🙂 Great presentation Range Rover! Applause!
Fuckin easy for a range rover!
How they got the car back?
Top at his level
Fabulous 😭😭
The power of TATA
When it disappeared in the fog my heart stopped woooooooooooooo i now have seen it all
wadu hek
150 deslikes. Germán Suv fanboys
Great job!! Very proud….but I wonder how the car got off to the ground after the performance??
50 plus 50 is 100
Minus 1 is 99
Quick math
Legend has it that the SUV is still up at the top of the steps, Nobody had the balls to drive it back down.
Masterpiece of engineering and a work of art!!!!!!
i am not going to buy any other car
Phenomenal & mind boggling stun. Great cinematic backdrop and story! Super great vehicle. Wish it is reliable!
Woh amazing
What’s the background music in this – does anyone know? Epic
Is this going to be like the Nurburgring? Competitions to be the fastest up some stairs?
Christ all mighty
What are those two ropes going under the car while it was climbing? Not implying that they helped the car go up in any way. I`m genuinely curios as to what their purpose might be ?
Congratulations to the marketing department, that surely is an amazing place, and it suits the SUV challenge perfectly.
WOW, simply incredible!! Is there a continuation of the Land Rover going back down?
Land Rover took 999 steps in the right direction!
Mercedes should beat it now.
what’s the damage on the car after the fact
Amazing well done job land Rover’s team…
Simply i said “wow”
uauuuuuuuuu! Good jod Land Rover
Perché rovinare i grandini di una storia.        Per uno spot
holy moly
he biting his tounge
My question is how are they going to get the SUV down. Don’t think they can just down hill like that, it will flip over.
Since we made it possible 😉
Beautiful car in a beautiful site
My dad just ordered one
OMG my heart just skipped a beat just seeing this challenge man hats off to the driver and the amazing Range rover sport.. truely amazing..
What about those double cables right in the middle of the stairs that incidentaly, are below the car?
This is not just a stunt and the car was being aided with it’s center of gravity by a moving anchor, right Land Rover?
Everyone saying that I will buy one like they going  to climbing too lol
I love landrover the most 😊😊
Nothing is better than range rover 😍😍😍😘
Wow! This video made me buy a Land Rover!
just tremendous the Land Rover, the driver and whole team🇮🇳🇮🇳
Remember not only Land Rover. If the tires not that good.  the land Rover not gonna make up there.,,😁🤔lol
You should try range Rover sport challenge(or whatever test you name it) with your best driver in Nagaland which is part of  Northeast India. You will surely regret cause the challenge will end up in disaster lol……
If they say they’re using the electric motor how come you can hear the engine? You can especially when he launched the car at the start.. plz correct me
This is my dream car
I know that the Range Rover is the best thing ever
I can’t afford that’s all.
An awesome driver I ever seen
Couldn’t hear the engine over the sound of his ball clanging
Thank u range frickin rover for awesome videos amazinng suv for decades
Range rover
Above and beyond <3
wow amazing Land Rover my favorite car l love you Land Rover
this is called power
This felt like a movie. lol
One dayyy🙏🙏
WOW, That so cool! I’m sure sells in APAC will be off the charts.
Brilliant LR RR
This is INSANE…. woahhhhh….
This video defines land rover
This is amazing. Do you know If the range rover was specially outfitted to make the climb? Special tires? Suped up engine? Or is the car factory?
Beautiful story,China is so cool and a amazing machine
Already bought one arriving in June. Woot!!
How did they get it back down?
Great 💪
When he gets to the top there is already a pair of car tracks 5:31
Amazing. I must buy one.
Can you appoint me as a Land Rover Driver for achieving the hardest terrains present in this universe

And i doesn’t need any penne for that i vll do it for my love my landrover my everything

Very nice , congratulations .
Haha still remains British even if it’s owned by Tata. Thought I find it irrelevant to mention who owns it. It’s been a powerful car since it’s inception. Tata just bought it not develop it. Maybe we should talk about it’s power
You are my valentine
You are my soul
You are the smile on my face
You are chase that my desire wants
You are the one for which my heart beats
You are the one for whom i eat,sleep,live
Your snoring is my favourite song
You are my LR Sport !
Want to live my life with exploring the unexplored
Diehard terrains with you
Really impressive…👏👏👏😘
Theres a two cables safety on the floor …
I got sweaty palms just watching it. Amazing!
But how long would it take Danny MacAskill to do it?
Both RR Velar and RR sport are best , hard to decide which one should buy.
Does anyone know what tyres are on this car at 6:07?? Land Rover??
Wonderful driving…
2 cables on front of car
Over acting at the end
Its common to hear screams and dangerous roads. What? Then check indian hills.
Montagem super mal feita!
fucking awesome wow >>>>>
But its still not more capable off-road than the higher-priced Range Rover correct? Faster yes, I know, but off-road….?
Take my money
Unbelievable and insane! Awesome work with story telling and brand connect…I don’t need it but I sure WANT one now 😄
Those tyres…..hmm
Very nice car and color fits the car
Wow!! That’s amazing. Land Rover is beast and obviously that racer also.
Range Rover my love 😍
Now if we could get some reliability issues worked out…we’d be in tall cotton.
Top Gear climbed a dam in a 6 decade old Land Rover. After seeing that I didn’t doubt this would work.
Can u ride a bike up there ????
Which country is this??????
From Tata motors india <3
just fucking wow, that’s a challenge
Trust me…i can do it with range rover sport
Elon: I launched my Tesla into space…

Land Rover: But can you do this?

this guy is a monster
Академик бы спалил рендж после этого
Awesome prafomans 😍
man i have to buy one..
This is one awesome commercial. Definitely shows the ruggedness of the Range Rover. I would love to have one to travel to North Dakota from AZ.
And people will still creep over speed bumps, with their ones, on their way home from shopping.
Beautiful China
Its Scary AF..!!
destroying stairs I don’t like that
My 1973 classic will do that… Proper motors!!
One of the best Ad’s ever!
O. M. G  what on 🌏 earth just happened.
Please some one tell me how did they back the car on ground
This place is lit. Goddamn I’m buying a house here
Not a Land Rover fan but this really gave me goosebumps! Just simply stunningly awesome 👏🏻
I am desperate i need one guys
And why under the machine two cables? pulled?
My dream car is amazing
Range Rover is the power full SUV in the world
Fucking love this brand.
Great car
Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, China 🇨🇳. What A Place 😍♥️
the rich chinese will love it
Im so proud because Range Rover is now a Indian company Tata own range Rover
If this is for some movie then Tom Cruise would have done it 🙂
OMG, very impressive!
This is totally different and mind blowing
I guess national heritage means nothing to Range Rover. You would not dare climb a Louvre Pyramid, or drive up the walls of Buckingham palace. Shame on you.
That is amazing.that why I like landrover
Spider mans car XDD
What a feat. Land Rover would find lots of success from the Chinese with this model with the popularity of SUV to Asians and Chinese government promoting EV technology.
why does the range rover have a UK plate in China…
I am a btech guy and waiting eagerly for hotwheels version😂🤣
all the time i was like he’s gonna die he’s gonna die
thats why we love LAND ROVER…great
I’ve seen many random Mercedes G-Class videos but for me, Land Rover was the best since beginning and will be the best forever if the company continues to manufacture great all terrain vehicles like this.
I can’t buy this car
You guys killed it bro…..awesome… unbelievable….now i can proudly say LAND ROVER IS THE BEST ♥️
Why don’t they just show the whole route dammit why the frikkin snippets
Tata’s Land Rover fulfill with power awesome
never seen such an amazing video 😍😍

made my day Land Rover 💓💓💓

That’s one hell of a strong fishing line!!!
omg.what a car.suuuuppprr driving skills mind blowing
Think if it runs out of gas or battery
When it became an Indian company It got it’s fuel.
I’d love to be able to afford this car.
Nice to see mr.Jones in hts first feature film
Wow…. Great
defender do better
Was it being winched? I can’t play sound at the moment
Anyone else notice the safety string @ 5:51?  Fake or not?
Best SUV in the freaking world.   LOVE RANGE ROVER
This is why A RANGE ROVER always A RANGE ROVER
This is Rsnge rover EXTREME SPORT 😨
Can range rover do the same?
It’s a red beauty with beast inside
The car number totals number -9
And time taken also totals number -9
This guy had some magic with him otherwise …… let’s not say that
i like this clips, good nice
Oh God. Land Rover is awesome. Great work stunt driver
People talking bad about Range Rover’s capabilities…..try doing this with your car……
А как обратно вниз?
Nothing is Impossible !!!
Tyre marks on the top at the finish line means they did it multiple times. Still a nice area though, it looks beautiful
Whoops, forgot to put it park.
Hold my beer.
This should be in the Guiness world records
Next try: keops pyramid…
I saw Jack Chan and Jet Li in the video as construction workers at 3:14 😊😊😊😊😊😊☺☺☺😊☺
this is why you don’t buy a ford raptor or mercedes g class
Wow. Great stunt and great vehicle. Excellent. I will buy it.
That is amazing, excellent cinematography that I have seen in recent times… Well done team Range rover congrats to the driver who make it possible. Good luck for your future endeavors….
Superb!!just superb!!!amazing car!!amazing team!!
Brilliant advertisement
Fantastic ad. Well done to the team!
Honestly, you didn’t scale the whole thing. The car’s rear wheels got stuck right at the very end. So its mission failed. 😅
That is exceptionally impressive. Probably one of the most versatile vehicles in the world now they’re plug-in too.
China is a magnificent country. 🙏🏻
Holy shit…thats freakin insane.
My next car will definitely be a Range Rover Sport!!
the best suv car
Proud to be part of the Land Rover family with my 1997 Defender and 2009 Range Rover.
He Yan is taller
Let me finish my coffee and I’ll go get one. Whose with me?
It’s amazing 👍🏼
How did you get the permission to perform such an act on this monument? With all the risks of damaging it..
Very bad idea Land Rover. If something was wrong, the damage to the heritage in the site, would be disastrous.
Saw this on Instagram and thought some lunatic decided to test his range Rover up some steps
have to do it again ..
Range Rover is the best luxury 4X4 of the world 👍🏻
Looks like only 998 steps to me….
They said its impossible! But the Range Rover guys should have responded, “Yeah, but its a Range Rover you know”
Of course gonna buy this when I grow up
So if the safty lines are not aiding performance then what are they doing?
1:44 lmfao. 这个横幅很霸气
The best car advertisement i’ve seen till date.
You guys have put in such great effort, I am mesmerised by your work.
You have convinced me to buy the Land Rover even if I don’t have the money to do so.
i  can see here comments its Indian, agree for ownership but tech is of Brits..

based on ownership volkswagen group belongs to Porsche, Qatar Investment Authority and some other investors.

Go range rover….😍
Wow therefore I just Believe in Ranger rover 😍
It wil cross 1million views very soon
Wtf is this
That RR sport looks awesome with those Tires!
Maas   car  my  favorite  car  is  range rover
You should’ve showed the reactions of the people who said no lol
There you go man……RR is my love😄😄😄😅😍
I saw ropes that tied to the front of the car
Advertising at its finest
That music reminds me of Conjuring 😜😝
Range Rover to Heaven’s gate, Telsa to Deep space?? ,WTF!
I thought Cars were meant for Roads!
These stairs for walking not for driving. Just For advertising they will do anything. If you can, climb mountains not stairs. For your advertising stunt you are damaging these stairs that is part of historical and natural beauty
ROVER- None of a kind. A true masterpiece of luxury blended with unparalleled performance
That was pretty dope.
Ho Pin Tung you are amazing!!!!
Ths d guts, never found in porsche.
Superb, amazing, truely its legacy, n really driver’s having a LION heart. Congrats buddy, achieved a great thing in life.
@3:12 second from the left Looks like Jack ma….☺
Siz manyak mısınız lan?
And then in all the excitement he only selects N and not  P.
I like rash driving in  scorpio
The secret to this achievement – not the car, but the Asian driver.
blue sky
If it’s real the guy who actually drives deserves an oscar
what a fantastic masterpiece. awesome engineering. hats off to that driver
Very good vfx
Range Rover owned by TATA India. Its a beast.
Thats really awesome.
as always Land Rover best!!!!!!! But a grand  Salute to challenger 😎
This is what indians make🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
thats amazing!!!
Have to work fuckingly hard to buy this marvel
Mantab mbah
TaTa owned indian piece of metal…😂🤘
The best ad for a car since the top Gear’s Hilux Polar challenge.
Well it’s a challenge ,, any other car company now is y’all time to do this.
Range Rover is father of power.
Cant wait to get mine in May
I like land rover
Very smooth suspension
No words….. just 😱😱😱😱
Really excellent mind blowing
Nothing can compete Land Rover in this segment cars… powerful and luxurious …
Good job TATA
Awesome, but how did the car get down?
Range Rover 💗💗💗
How did you get it down?
How to get the car back down the mountain?
Holy shit that’s epic…..
Range Rovers are the engendering perfection, I love these cars😍
Bad ass
is most carzy land rover in the world love
Can we see the getting it down video as well ?
range rover never fails to amaze us
it’s TATA….
Tooo much craziness….
But it’s awesome 👌👌👌👌👌
After all it’s Indian company. TATA
Gave me goosebumps
So cool man
Superb machine
This is range rover signe…
Yes Its Indian… TATA’S Land- Rover
I like land rover range rover hse
O my god
It’s a real combo of beauty and the best.
Now time to drive back down
The steps driving is amazing but what is the point of the 99 turns
Ok ok I buy one then..
完美的市场营销方案      wonderful marketing strategy
Adorable ! Am a huge fan of RR-LR 😘
Whaaaatttt.. i need this beast
Ok I wanna see them bring it down!
Range rover is boss of suv’s
3:14 was it jack Ma in second from left !?
China has been blessed with a lot of natural and man made wonders, preserve it well my friends…….an indian
Only rover can do this it s wow
Range Rover is proved everything is possible with hard work
Perfect proof _ range Rover😍
Wow…. dangerous but …thrilling one…
Really Deadly combination with heaven gate & Rang Rover
That’s something amazing… Simply amazing
The car rides tge satirs as if it is a flat road
….lol n my fav car was a lambo😂
love u land rover
Hibrid elektrik li bir arazi aracı için çok güzel bir şov olmuş. Çıkmasına çıkmış ama geri nası aşağı inecek?
That was lit 🔥
Amazing, very strong car 😲
I like the video👍🏻
good marketing
Range Rover Service, “Everything is Impossible” .. truly one of best car eva seen. Lots of challenges were made by Range Rover cars, and every challenges were successful… really amazing
waaw it is beatable all the suv cars
I can’t believe this…. looks like comic books stunts.
Thats why i trust and love Land Rover.
this is insane…hats off Team Range Rover..
How are they going take it down?
How do you go back down. That’s a greater risk.
Did they ask permission with chinese gov..officials? Land rover they are so powerful…
It’s my dream car.
Last year i visited this place and it’s very very steep. Good Job Range Rover!
Thats y u r my favourite
OMG 😱😱😱
It’s a beast…
excellent video and car my favourite suv siraaaa 👌👌👌👌👌
This is The Power Of Range Rover 😍
amazing !!!
Wow this set a new benchmark on off road SUVs
Mind blowing
That’s easy. Hold my beer
What’s the cable for??
Mind blown
Impressive performance 😶. Well done Land Rover
The red dragon! I’m proud that its owned by an Indian car maker!
Nobody can think,
Land Rover will Do👍👍
Amazing heaven Gate 😀😀
like it but I couldn’t trade it for my SVR too much love there
The one and only Range rover in the planet……. Respect to JLR……what a brand they are wow
Range rover Always best mountain KinG
Truly awesome video!
Its amazing to wonderful touch on mountain surface. 🚘
He doesn’t have heart
Awesome challenge 🚘🚘
Range Rover is best mountain greatly move step and while performance will be attractive for Adventures.I love RR CaR
holy shit, how did the car end up there , thats some powerful car to survive on any roads
Amazing ad with an amazing car.
I hope this car will have a nice avarage fuel consumption in every day use.
Land Rover:
It was, it is and it will always be an offroading legend.
Speechless..In love with RR Sport!!
Absolutely Range Rover
The suspension might be worn out but really a great car rover😍😍👍👍
💙😘😘😘RANGE ROVER Dream 😍
Wire pulling up the car.
this is real suv
Range rover is RANGE ROVER ✌
A TATA product.
Amazing car
now mount everest time
bravooo……….this is what we call TRUST
I m a proud owner of range rover sport and i know it is a very capable machine.
Nice, now it is time to make a fully electric version.
All numbers feel very minimal in front of you and range rover sport.
Legal e Bonito!
Excellent I love it. congratulations
What an exciting and brilliant ad! Great job Land Rover!
What kind of tires are those?
Should be in the next 007 movie!
I have to visit this place.
Holy! My heart almost stops
At what speed was he goin up those stairs??????
Perfection !! ❤️
It’s crazy…what a masterpiece🔥
Excellent cinematography, editing and story; truly one of the most memorable car advertisements I’ve seen in a while!
I’m proud of you RANGER ROVER
That is amazing. That is a car I would want to own. XD
The best.