How legendary brands can grow leaps using digital marketing


Today the best place for marketing is in digital space. Digital space is gaining importance rapidly, the traditional brick and mortar store are losing its sheen. Hence it is important that companies change according to the needs of the consumers today to survive in the business.

New technologies always create a disruption and the leaders of the respective markets perish as they were reluctant to adapt the changing needs of the consumers. Televisions came in, the market leaders in radio segment were reluctant to adapt to changes and went out of business sooner than expected.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change”

– Charles Darwin

The blog speaks about one such disruptive change already in place and how traditional leaders can adapt and remain as leaders.


Sports a part of everybody’s life:

Sports are an integral part of everybody’s life. In the fast paced life today sports are much more important than taking it up as a profession.

Every country has its own sport which is followed religiously.The citizens of that particular country not only follow the country’s success but consider taking it as one of their important hobbies to stay fit. These citizens at one point of time in their childhood dreamt to be like one of their favorite icon, but circumstances and lesser opportunities would have led them to take up a different profession.

The sportsman inside their heart never dies and they try to play their favorite sport whenever time permits with the same brand of sporting goods their icons once used.

In India cricket is not a sport but a religion. Lot of people irrespective of their age and gender make time to follow the sport and celebrate the country’s success in every arena. In fact the numbers of people who play cricket in India counting from the backstreets of Kolkata to the international arenas in Mumbai, surpass the whole of the cricket playing people in the world put together. Hence it’s the dream of every iconic brand of cricketing goods to be a leader in this part of the world.


A brief about Sanspareils Greenlands:

Sanspareils Greenlands - SG as it is popularly known is an Indian sporting goods manufacturer. The product line includes bats, balls and complete cricket kits. SG balls are used in test cricket and Ranji trophy played in India. They are the leaders in cricket sporting goods in India. Apart from Indian market they also export their product to UK and Australia for most of the international cricket brands.

SG is endorsed by some of the cricket legends like Sunil Gavaskar, Mohammad Azharuddin and Rahul Dravid. The company presently sponsors more than 20 cricketers both Indian and International players put together, prominent to name a few are Pandya, Pujara, Raina Watson etc.

With such a rich background and dominant market share the company still remains a laggard in the digital arena. Most of the target customers of SG are now digitally equipped. Gone are those days when we go to the brick and mortar store to decide on what to purchase. Our purchase decisions are mainly influenced by the store managers. With increasing realty prices it becomes costly to cater with physical stores. Hence to tap the market potential fully it is important for SG to venture into digital space fully to capitalize on the opportunity available.


Digital Presence :  

Presently the company has a website & which both leads to the same page.

Facebook – 250K followers and 150 visits


Twitter – 2,372 followers and 216 following


Scaling greater heights using digital Marketing:

The craze for cricket in India serves as a boon for cricketing goods company. The company is presently concentrating only on inbound consumers to an extent, it should take the next step and move to outbound marketing targeted at right audience. Today cricket is followed mostly in laptops and mobiles than in television, hence digital platform offers a great opportunity to target the right set of consumers.

The company should start with endorsement marketing in twitter. To be precise its brand ambassador like Hardik Pandya and Sehwag has millions of followers but the company has only 2.384 followers. With higher fan base, the campaigns in twitter can be much more effective.
The next practical strategy must be mobile friendly web and app creation. Mobiles are an inevitable part of the lives. Hence it becomes important for every company to device right strategy for mobile. Most of the cricket happens over mobile today, hence as a cricketing goods company it becomes mandatory for the company to engage the users in mobile.

Research at Nielsen shows that 87% of smartphone users engage with second screen devices like mobiles and tablets while watching broadcast TV. Right there lies a golden chance for brands to optimize the memorability of their TV ads, and turn it into actionable engagement.
"52% of customers are less likely to engage with a company again because of a bad mobile experience" - Google

Consumers are tech savvy and demanding, they explore various methods of purchase before actually making one. SG should be present in all available channels of sales to make the most use of its legendary brand name.

"89% companies with the strongest omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, as compared to 33% for companies with weak omni-channel strategies" -


Its important for SG to catch up with the fast digital platform before its too late.

“The best Preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”
– H. Jackson Brown. Jr.

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  1. Reckon all brands should have more space digitally… Considering more cricket is played in the age group 9 to 21 (%age wise) in India… Most of the target consumers are not allowed to use smart phones. So, Twitter and other platforms will help in brand building in older age group. How do u suggest SG should target younger age cricketing fans and aspirants? 🙂

  2. Super da.. good start… Digital marketing through various means is very important in today’s world.

  3. Very well composed and an interesting read. Digital marketing has almost become a standard to succeed in the retail space.

  4. Good idea. You could have highlighted its cost effectiveness and 100% attention of the mobile users it draws.

    On the negative side of the mobile users not even 10% is on social media like FB WhatsApp Twitter etc.

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