Times Have Changed- What About Your Marketing Strategy??

“I understand what you are going through, Arghya. But believe me, I am helpless. My slots are already filled up and I can’t see any window before 3 months”, said Mr. Pranav, executive producer of ABC production house.

“Sir please, at least you have a look at it. It belongs to a different genre and I bet nothing of this sort has ever been made in our industry”, requested Arghya, co-owner of Easternwoods Productions.

“Arghya, don’t keep on nagging like this, I don’t have all day and Mr. Mehra will be here any minute now, so if you’ll excuse me…” Mr. Pranav walked away without even paying slightest heed to Arghya’s words.

Arghya came out of the office, dejected. Producers have turned down his requests for the fifth time in a row. Aspiring to be a film director one day, he went to five heavyweight production houses with his first ever project but none could offer him a slot before three months. His project has received critical appreciation in recent National and International film festivals, but the masses were hardly aware of it.

“No, I can’t let my efforts go in vain, there has to be a way out”, thought Arghya and the idea of uploading it on You tube struck him.

Nowadays, companies as well as individuals can reach out to people with an appealing content via the social media. Marketers can leverage the same for promoting their products and services. Digital Platforms provide a plethora of options where one can target and spread desired message to specific audiences. Marketers have started using these platforms for fulfilling their diverse communication and marketing objectives, starting from the top of the ‘Customer Buying Funnel’ like spreading awareness and generating interests to customer acquisition, sales generation and even providing post purchase services.

Let’s have closer look on how each of the popular social media platforms can be utilised for marketing communications.


With over 1.5 billion users worldwide, marketers cannot undermine the importance of advertising on Facebook. In fact, most of the MNCs actively monitor their Facebook page and use it as a medium for engaging customers.

During Airbnb Live There campaign, it had partnered with Disney on the movie The Jungle Book and we have witnessed that The Jungle Book’s Facebook page streamed live interviews from the red carpet at the premier, where Airbnb had constructed a tree-house specifically for the occasion.

Airbnb’s Live There Campaign

Even Museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York leveraged the Facebook Live facility for promoting its exhibitions. The broadcast of “Pergamon and the Hellenestic Kingdoms of the Ancient World” went live four days prior to the exhibition and was able to garner 52,000 views and 1200 shares.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Google- Adwords and You Tube

Did you know? The world has become over dependent on Google to the extent that it now processes on an average of 40,000 searches per second. With the advent on Google adwords, methodologies like Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics have gained prominence and companies are striving to occupy the best positions on the Search Engine Results Page. Even, the marketing department of several firms are hiring SEO specialists in order to increase the visibility of their brands online and ultimately get more traffic on to their websites.

Oyo Rooms, one the reputed Hotel aggregators in India, has used Google effectively to grow their business. As their CEO Ritesh Agarwal puts it, “With our app downloads spiking at over 150,000 and enquiries increasing by 200%, Google’s ability to drive demand is impressive.”

                                     Oyo CEO Ritesh Agarwal

The world has witnessed how a commoner gained success overnight by posting videos on the You tube. Take the case of Ed Sheeran, he wanted to be a relatable musician and the platform acted as a catalyst for realizing his dream.

                     Autumn Leaves- Ed Sheeran


Want to express your views? Then Twitter is the perfect platform for you. Businesses from around the world have achieved their goals through Twitter. Companies widely use this platform in order to engage and interact with their customers. In fact, many large multinationals and high net-worth individuals have hired teams which look specifically handle their Twitter accounts.

I-Clothing, an Irish e-commerce company, partnered with Wolfgang digital and created a campaign with the aim of enhancing engagement with their current followers and a wider customer base. The campaign, targeted at fashion-savvy Irish women, resulted in 25% peak engagement rate.

                        Snap of IClothing Twitter Campaign

Aceable, an educational company, also had similar success stories. They used twitter to connect with the users who participated in conversations about driver education. The aim was to drive installations of their app among the teenagers living in Texas state. It yielded remarkable results, leading to 33% low cost per install than the competition.

         Acebale on Twiiter


Looking for a job? First create an impressive LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is more of a community of professionals than social networking site. Marketers can utilize this platform to carry out marketing activities, build brands and even generate sales.

The Road Ahead

Apart from the aforementioned platforms, there are many more which marketers can capitalize. With the entire world going digital, they simply cannot afford to neglect the impact of the digital marketing and. Although in India, digital advertisements account for only 12.6% of the total media spends, this figure is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in near future. Analysts forecast that digital spends will comprise 20.2% of the media budgets by 2020, which amounts to approximately $11.82 billion.

So, companies which are still reluctant on going digital, it’s high time their stakeholders ask the leadership team- “Times have changed- what about your marketing strategy??”

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