Internet of Things

The future of marketing

The future Internet Of Things is the future of things. IoT (Internet Of Things) is enabling more and more devices and machines to talk to each other using internet. Marketing in the time of IoT (Internet Of Things) will be very different from the traditional. Everything, from watches to product packaging, shipping containers, medicine dispensers […]

digital and politics

Neuro science, Politics, Digital marketing- Connect ?

NEURO CONNECT There’s always a debate about whether humans take decisions in a rational manner or go by intuition? Honestly, there is no one right answer to this question and various theories have attempted to answer this and there is constant evolution happening in this field. In the process of understanding this, researchers and economists have […]

Digital Marketing Foraying Into The Political Corridors

Politics, in today’s world, is something people in every part of the world talk about. Especially in the fast developing nation like India, youth is getting more and more involved in the politics. The inclination towards political debates, individual views and opinions are on the all-time high. In this fastly evolving era, we are already […]