Internet of Things

The future of marketing

The future Internet Of Things is the future of things. IoT (Internet Of Things) is enabling more and more devices and machines to talk to each other using internet. Marketing in the time of IoT (Internet Of Things) will be very different from the traditional. Everything, from watches to product packaging, shipping containers, medicine dispensers […]

Cause Marketing going Digital- a boon or a bane ?

Cause Marketing as a concept is a type of marketing in which a for-profit and not-for-profit organisation collaborate in order to work towards a social cause with an intent to benefit mutually from the process. The non-profit organisation leverages the brand platform to muster public awareness, support and aid and the company benefits through greater […]

Customer Engagement: Global brands’ new digital Mantra in India

What is one of the most interesting characteristic of the digital media? What’s so unique about digital that lacks in other traditional media of marketing?  As the title states, customer engagement is the difference. As customers might be termed ‘disloyal’ to brands in this highly competitive market, it is imperative for companies to continuously engage their […]