Reddit for Digital marketing: A beginner’s guide to Do’s and Don’ts

A heaven for a content creator, Reddit is one of the best digital tools available to star on ‘the front page of the internet’, literally.  If tagged with appropriate interest based subreddits, a marketeer can easily draw attention, drive traffic to home website and hit the right cord with the desired target audience effectively. Sounds […]

All Aboard the Snapchat Bandwagon! 5 Hacks to Unleash Your Communication Potential On Snapchat

Not too long ago, there was a new kid on the block. Students of Stanford University brainstormed on the idea of launching an application based on the concept of capturing the little moments of life. This led them to develop “Picaboo” in July 2011. The app worked on the principles that a message or a photograph will only be […]

A Marketing Mind Behind Bollywood Promotions

Bollywood for Indians is ‘Eternal love’, a conditional affection which people have towards movies and their favorite superstars. For everyone alike, Bollywood stands for ‘entertainment’ – a world of fascination, an alternate world, which people can experience on a 70mm screen and enjoy with their near and dear ones. Little do they know about the […]