Learning Digital Marketing 101 from celebrities!-How digital platforms transformed their lives?

For most of us, there was a time when our mothers used to put us to sleep but now that duty is performed by our respective mobile phones. Surfing the internet, checking out people’s SnapChat stories (getting jealous in the process!) and then their perfect Instagram stories is something which has become a tradition before going […]

A Marketing Mind Behind Bollywood Promotions

Bollywood for Indians is ‘Eternal love’, a conditional affection which people have towards movies and their favorite superstars. For everyone alike, Bollywood stands for ‘entertainment’ – a world of fascination, an alternate world, which people can experience on a 70mm screen and enjoy with their near and dear ones. Little do they know about the […]

Customer Engagement: Global brands’ new digital Mantra in India

What is one of the most interesting characteristic of the digital media? What’s so unique about digital that lacks in other traditional media of marketing?  As the title states, customer engagement is the difference. As customers might be termed ‘disloyal’ to brands in this highly competitive market, it is imperative for companies to continuously engage their […]